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Thread: This D is awful

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    This D is awful

    Sure Troy is good for a splash play from time to time but overall this D is trash.

    I know Haley is a good punching bag but this D gives up way too many 3rd downs at critical times.

    I ised to have faith in our D. They would close out games and get after the QB... now they play good for 2 downs and screw up on 3rd down. After we score its damn near automatic the D will give it back.

    Lebeau... its been fun but its time to move on. 10 yard cushion in the red zone? Smh...

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    Even the announcers brought up the cushion near the EZ.
    They said where is Wallace going to run?
    He can't run past you?
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    28 points at home should be enough to win, the tackling was not good today.
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    These are all "truths":

    Dick LeBeau is still a good coach
    His schemes if executed properly will work
    Heyward and Worilds have finally progressed and are playmakers
    Ziggy Hood has not
    McClendon does a good job portraying a DE playing NT
    The D has underperformed
    The offseason might be the time to see if a change will re-energize this Defense

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    Tackling was bad, special teams was bad, OSU was bad, snow was bad, Saturday was bad, Sunday was bad.

    Sports weekend from hell....

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    no defending that performance

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBucks View Post
    Tackling was bad, special teams was bad, OSU was bad, snow was bad, Saturday was bad, Sunday was bad.

    Sports weekend from hell....
    Preach Brother ... I feel "ALL" your pain. Funny thing is that I watched this D today and I kept seeing white and red Jerseys and silver helmets missing tackles and blowing coverage. I saw a DE/DT busting his butt to keep his team in the game (Bosa/Heyward) a LB doing the same (Shazier/Worilds) ... the rest of the D (other than Troy's pick 6) let the teams down ... I thin I have PTSD after this weekend

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    No doubt. This D is bad especially the secondary.

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    Spartans rolled! Our exit from playoff contention was almost a foregone conclusion so better it happen sooner than later. Im ok with this weekend.
    Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, hear the lamentations of their women.

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    The D is awful because we are a 3-4 defense without a stud true 3-4 nose tackle. Not a single stud 3-4 end (Yet),.....and very little talent productivity and consistency at either ILB spot. And are nothing very special at all at OLB.

    But surely,...the D sucks because of Coach Lebeau. Aaaaaand,..... Muhammad Ali could have beaten any opponent with both of his hands tied behind his back as well. smh
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