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Thread: OT..........dont antbody tell me the league doesnt want new england

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    Yes, I seen the play and heard all the announcers also calling it a bad call.. For sure Goodell wants the pats to remain in power for whatever reasons. All those that they cheated, all the games that the refs handed to them and Tomlin gets a hefty fine and the loss of a draft pick. Talk about controlling the games and a teams growth. The Steelers sure had no home field advantage today with the calls. As someone said, the Browns will get an apology and that will make everything right.

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    Wow.... just watched the replay. Worst call ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfelix73 View Post
    This league is rigged...... I'm ready for a new one to start up... seriously...
    Sign me up for this. I have only been able to watch 3 full games this year. It's sickening. Glad there is hunting and hockey. Ice fishing starts soon.....
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    Looked real weak to me. Have not heard a defense of the call. The officiating is looking worse and worse by the well. But what can the Pats do? They didn't make the call.

    Would be interesting to read the Tip Roast perspective.

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    Did they keep some of the replacement refs ?

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    fully expect a rule change now that another beloved Cheatriot went down in Gronky Kong.
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