I woke up this morning and decided, the Steelers need me to listen to Renegade all morning before kickoff. If we all listen to it all day every day, maybe our D will come out and get a pick 6 on the first play of the game? Maybe we'll start dominating. Maybe we can win a SuperBowl this year. Don't doubt the power of Renegade.

A double Renegade vs Detroit may have helped us in that game. But that's not enough for today and from here on out. I've watched this thing at least 10 times this morning and I'm committed to watching it many more. I might have time to do a 50 Renegade Sunday morning

Join me!!!! Renegade can save our season!!!! Let's do this!!!!

PS. Anyone that doesn't believe in Renegade and watch is probably going to Hell one day or some religious mumbo jumbo like that