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Thread: Tomlin threatened by Dolphins

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    Tomlin threatened by Dolphins

    Mike Tomlin just got put on notice by Miami Dolphins players, who tell TMZ Sports ... if the Steeler's coach so much as steps foot on the field this Sunday ... he's gonna need to call 911.

    In case you missed it -- Tomlin was fined $100,000 for stepping onto the field last week and interfering with a kick-off return by the Ravens' Jacoby Jones.

    TMZ Sports spoke with one of the Dolphins -- who play the Steelers in Pittsburgh this weekend -- and he says ... "I hope he learns his lesson that he needs to get his ass off the field or he might be in a hospital if it occurs again."

    Tomlin has apologized and insists the whole thing was an accident. Sounds like he better not make the same mistake twice.

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    what player(s)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    what player(s)?
    Richie Incognito.

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    Notice how the league never says anything about crap like this?

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    Junk Journalism. If you cant identify the person you're quoting then it's junk.
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    Well, if there's a threat there.... that was stupid. Hurt someone on purpose and the Pitt. Police Dept should be called in. Haul em off to jail. there's the proof right on social media- what a bunch of stupid folk.
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    Its TMZ. What do you expect.

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    I don't see a threat there. He essentially says: If you are on the field during play, you might get hurt. Don't do it.

    Nothing wrong there as far as I can see. Pretty sound advice really.

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    Stupid. All of this blown way out of proportion thanks to the BS high fine by GODell.

    Tomlin is more threatened by the Steelers losing at home to these guys for the first time since 1990. He is also threatened by a young no name QB that was hot last week.

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    Aren't the Dolphins under investigation for bullying? I guess it's better to threaten an opposing coach than your own teammates.


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