View Poll Results: If you were GM, which of these moves would you make?

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  • Release Troy

    10 37.04%
  • Release Ike

    12 44.44%
  • Release Woodley after June 1, re-sign Worillds

    10 37.04%
  • Re-sign Velasco 3 year/$7.5M, release Pouncey

    4 14.81%
  • Trade Ben for two mid firsts after June 1

    2 7.41%
  • Move up in the first to grab a top LT

    11 40.74%
  • Move up in the first to grab a top WR

    0 0%
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Thread: You are the GM...which of these is likely to happen?

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    You are the GM...which of these is likely to happen?

    Time to play off-season GM. I am setting up a poll to show different big move scenarios. You may choose as many as you want, after all, the contract you signed as GM did not limit your powers.

    I will post the implications of each of these moves, and why the move you are deciding on would be unlikely. You must pick at least one, and keep in mind that it is unrealistic that all would be chosen. You might be fired on the spot!!

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    Release Troy

    Implications - Save $8.25M next season, which is his last under contract. Dead money hit of $2.6M, but that is on the salary cap either way.

    Why its unlikely - Because it is Troy. He still has an impact and is an icon in Pittsburgh.

    Either he is released or on the books at full pop - no compromise price reduction!!

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    Release Ike

    Implications - Like Troy, he is in the last season of his contract. Dead money hit of 4.9M either way, cap savings of $7M if he is gone.

    Why its unlikely - Because, like him or not, Ike is still the guy who shadows the other team's number one. Also, a small restructure prior to the season which signals the team's intention to keep him around.

    Like Troy, no pay cut. Either full price or gone.

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    I would consider the first 4, and maybe all four.

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    I voted for both of those...release Ike and Troy. Probably neither will happen as I believe both renegotiate new contracts. I believe we have our safeties on the roster. The more difficult guy to replace is Ike. Ike hasn't been good this year, and it's the reason I verbalized the desire to re-sign Lewis and let Taylor walk last season. Taylor isn't ageless, this day was coming but now we are stuck. So now our first two draft picks look like DB and LT.

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    definitely the first four unless you can get all of them to take a huge cut

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    Why do we need to keep an aging CB who clearly isn't a playmaker on the roster?
    Just because he shadows the other teams top WR doesn't mean anything.
    He doesn't make plays for the amount of $$$$ he is due to be paid next year.
    This team needs to get younger and the time is now.
    Troy is an icon and fan favorite in Pittsburgh, but he is not worth the $$$ next year either.
    He's been healthy all year and our defense has been pretty inconsistent even with him in the lineup.
    Could it be worse next year w/o Ike,Troy,Kiesel and Clark?
    Yes it could, but it could be better and get us out of cap hell.
    Ben should be the only permanent fixture on this team for the next 2 years.
    I can definitely say w/o Ben this team would be a lot worse off.
    Look at GB w/o Rodgers, that is a nightmare they are going through right now.
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    Hopefully, none of the above. I can see possibly losing Ike. Even that is something I wouldn't want to see.

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    Release Woodley, re-sign Worilds

    Implications - Woodley, as we all know, will be a tough financial pill to swallow, to the tune of over 14 mil. Getting rid of him after June 1 allows the team to spread the pain a bit. Next season, the team swallows the $5.59M pro rated bonus for one year, but saves his $8M salary. However, in year 2 when he is long gone, his impact will not be forgotten. The dead money hit will be around $8.5M - however the salary savings in 2015 is $8.5M and $9M in 2016.

    Why it is unlikely - because the Steelers are not in the habit of coughing up $14M for someone not to play for them.

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    Re-sign Velasco, release Pouncey

    Implications - I have seen a few different numbers, but Pouncey is due some sort of roster bonus next year. His pro-rated bonus is $1.4M and cap hit over $5.4M. The savings will be around $4M+ if he is released, but if you factor the signing of Velasco as dependent on that, then the tradeoff is around $1.5-2M.

    Why it is unlikely - Pouncey is a draft choice, pro bowler, all-pro. The Oline has been so bad for so long, and there have been so many misses, will they let one walk who has had success?


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