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You can't question their heart tonight, except maybe your OSU boy Adams again. Did you see that chump come in for about five plays (when Beachum got hurt). He got flagged once, he twerks his ankle (yes, twerked... it wasn't even a tweak). And he leaves the game AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, leaves the rest of his team hanging.

You don't TWERK your ankle in a must-win game with the game on the line down by eight, and hobble off to the sideline after play five plays, never to return. What an abject pu$s.
I screamed in horror when his name was announced on draft day. Pryor spent four years running for his life because Adams couldn't play LT worth a sloppy f@$&.

Maybe, when Adams is released (do the Steelers really have any other choice?), he'll sign with the D-Cell Lobbas in Oakland and you'll hear the announcement the next day of Pryor's release after he demanded a trade so he wouldn't have to run for his damned life again!