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Thread: Why do our Steelers come out flat in the 1st Quarter of so many games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    You are making large assumptions here.

    First of all, you're overly simplifying when it comes to Ben and Haley. Does Ben play in the first half? You can't blame Haley for everything that doesn't happen in the first half, and then not give credit (besides saying he simply rolls out the football in the 2nd half). That is ridiculous.

    Secondly, you talk about putting Manning/Brady* behind our line in the first month of the season. At his age, Manning probably wouldn't last, eventually breaking down. But I've never seen Manning not excel, as a regular season QB, for a four-game stretch. The guy is a machine, with uncanny command and great anticipation (something Ben doesn't do in their league. Guys like Manning, Brady* don't take sacks because they throw before a WR even breaks open). As for Brady*, I hate him. But the guy is steering a 7-3 ship with: no Gronk for a month, no Hernandez, no Welker (that is probably 250 catches he's missing)--and he continues to win!

    The reason you never think that these guys play behind a line as garbage as ours, is that they make their line look like they block better. Before a lineman can get beat, the ball is gone!

    He11, Mike Adams might be a passable NFL o-lineman playing with DEN or NE*.

    plus 1....

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    The characteristic that has separated Manning/Brady from Ben is the consistency in which they play QB.

    Kind of ironic that people want to blame Haley the same way they blamed Arians. Regardless of the OC's or players around Ben the offense never had the consistent success that many fans crave. When Ben played well the offense generally scored points. When Ben played poorly the offense had difficulty scoring points. Some people are reluctant to put most of the focus on where it really belongs, Ben. They can change OC's and the players around Ben and the offense will continue to reflect the inconsistent nature of Ben's play.

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    Does Ben get blamed for the lack of any running game the last few years?
    If not, who do we blame?
    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.


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