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I'm sorry, Ovi, but I don't see it. Even when he has been asked to rush the passer, Hood has shown very little. Look at the impact that Heyward has on passing plays vs. Hood. Hood did make a nice move yesterday, but hasn't done anything to show that he would be an impact player in any system.

It will be interesting to see what they do against the Ravens. The Ravens center had a hard time with McClendon (one of the few games where I've seen McClendon's play as a positive - the other was against the Titans). I'm not sure that Hood or Al Woods will give him similar troubles.

I'd imagine that the Steelers DL will be Hood-Woods-Heyward if Keisel cannot go again. If Keisel is able to go, it will be interesting to see if Hood gets reps at NT.

I'm interested to see if the Steelers have anything in Fangupo, who seems to be built in the mold of Joel Steed and Casey Hampton, but a huge game against the Ravens on a short week is not where I'd want to experiment.

We can continue to disagree but Hood looks much stronger rushing the passer from the inside. Yesterday I saw him pushing the pocket on several occasions and flushing the QB to Worilds side.

Like Worilds, I know there are a lot of posters who have invested a lot of print to bashing Hood but he has looked good the past few games so I'll give him his due.