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Thread: The "Stand", part 2...

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    The "Stand", part 2...

    For those of you, who didn't read my first thread in a "Series" that I have started, here it
    is. This is from a thread titled..."Who is better for us, NYJ, or BALT to lose"...? Started this
    thread before the Browns game...

    I don't really need to look any farther than our own schedule to see who to root for...

    The Steelers have 5 of 6 left vs AFC teams, and 4 of 6 vs our own division.

    All the Steelers have to do is WIN!!!

    Let me ask all of you a question...

    When the Steelers were 0-4, were you laughed at by friends, co-workers, and family members that are not Steelers fans??

    Of course you were!! And they probable added something like...your done, Steelers suck...etc??

    Then at 2-6 we all got laughed at again when the Steelers got punked by the Raiders, and dismantled by the Pats*???

    Now, I'm not saying we're back, but at 4-6, how is this team even in the hunt for not only a WC, but the division??

    How would it feel to have the Steelers, who started 0-4, come back from the dead, and make the playoffs!!

    It hasn't been done since 1992. Chances are about equal as Lloyd Christmas had with Mary Swanson, but there is
    a chance.

    I know it would feel unbelieveable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now I don't have to tell you what to do, because you already know!!!!!

    We have to take a stand!!! A stand that we are not gonna take no more $h!t from nobody!!!

    We stand UNITED!!! We stand as ONE SteelerNation!!!! We stand together as brothers and sisters!!!!

    And we FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIGHT until we can't fight no more!!!! And even after we can't fight no more, we
    never, ever give up!!!

    So I say to all of you...we take our first stand against the Cleveland Browns of the AFC North!!!

    I expect all of you to be, of course, FRRRROOOOTHING at the mouth like crazed dogs!!!!!!

    Here we go, y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here WE go!!!!



    PS...I will have the next thread of this series up by Wednesday...and it's going to be good!!!

    JD to be continued....

    ...vs the AFC North Division rival Baltimore Ravens...

    Here WE go SteeeeeelerNation!!!!

    With 5 games left, every game is a MUST-WIN game. What I look for in
    a playoff contending team is...Playmakers!!

    I look for the "Three-Hots", or basically what a playoff team needs is to
    have...Three "hot" players from each side of the ball.

    My two hottest offensive players right now are 7, and 84. Having a hot QB is the
    most important, it's the key to a long PO run, and possible SB Championship.

    The 3rd player who absolutely needs to get HOT is...26!!! I've seen something
    change in him...he's playing harder, and playing without thinking. He's getting
    comfortable, and if he can elivate his game, this offense could be special.

    But obviously, none of them can do anything without the Oline doing their part.
    It looks like they might have a little chemistry going...they have only allowed one
    sack in the last two games. Now all they need to do is open a few more holes.

    On defense, I have 97, and 93. Both Heyward, and Worilds are playing outstanding
    football. What I'm most excited about is the 3rd player who is getting hot at the
    right time.


    Oh yeah...Troy is making plays again!!!

    These are my 6, who do you got??

    But I also want to give some kudos to 20 for coming back to the Steelers and providing
    a spark for the secondary.

    So, ladies, and gentlemen, I say to you...we take our 2nd STAND!!!

    WE come together as the STEEEEELERNATION!!! As ONE!!!!!

    To remember where this team was and has come from!!!

    To remember how we were laughed at, and made fun of...

    Who's laughing NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Let the FROOOOOOOthing BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know what is let's do this!!!!!!!!!!

    FROOOOOOOOthing at the mouth like a crazed dog!!!!!!

    The Pittsburgh Steelers: There is NO other Team!

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    Could simply be my perception, but this seems like a team on a mission now, much more focused than before. Looks like Ben is taking this bull by the horns. The intensity is there with this team and fans. It's gonna be interesting and a fun run is ahead for us, I believe.

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    Oh yea!! Thursday night football against the ravens is gunna be an intense game. Both teams playing for the playoffs... in a lot of ways THIS IS a playoff game in nivember . Let's make sure we come out of their place on top with a W. One game at a time. Tomorrow night IS the only game we live for!! Let's Go Steelers!!!!

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    If 7 and 43 play the way they're capable, we'll be hard to beat.

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    It feels like 2009 and 2011 when all we had to do was win our gimme games and we're in. The defense couldn't stop anyone.

    I will be elated if they can do it this time. But I feel and egg is coming in Baltimore. We have won 5 of last 7 but they have been against less than par teams (Although the Lions did beat a pretty crappy packers team today!)


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