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Thread: Turnovers and 3rd Down Efficiency

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBuckeye View Post
    Hey Flip ... gonna say we gave up a lot of big plays to Gordon ... Big/fast/sure handed receiver .... it happens ... just hope it doesn't become too much of a habit to overcome
    It didnt seem to have an impact on the outcome. And the turnovers seemed to really help. So it's all good. But it just seems like this team gives up more big plays than I can remember a typical DL defense yielding.

    Maybe it's using Troy in the box so much. Maybe it's the decline of Clark. I still think it's fixable, but I'm not sure why it's happening. Earlier in the season, we missed a ton of tackles and I think that had some impact.

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    See, for me, it's kinda like others have been saying to me in another thread ... Earlier in the season, everything was messed up ... now, we're moving towards respectability, but there are still things to fix. The outcome of this season depends upon whether or not those things are fixed. The one player who I think was really "mailing it in" at the beginning of the season was Clark ... Then Allen got signed and he's been a player for us ... I think that Allen being here challenges Clark more than Shamarko (a rookie) did because he knows that if he messes up too much Allen WILL get his spot ...

    Seriously, that might have been a problem for the whole team early in the year ... Hood didn't think Cam would get his spot because they never showed that he would .. Redman felt safe with Dwyer gone ... Cotchery wasn't getting playing time so Sanders felt safe in his role ... etc. etc.
    I think one of the problems with this team early on was a sense of complacency amongst the players .. like "I have a starting job no matter how I play"

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    Talk to me when we beat a good team, folks. It was the Lions and the Browns! Great game today, but...


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