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Thread: Anyone Still Doubt Brown? Hello?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    I've always seen a little Steve Smith in AB. I think AB's becoming the better WR. The only thing Smith had on him was his leaping ability to go up and get a pass over top of DBs.

    AB keeps getting better and eventually, I think the only way to slow him down will be for teams to use a CB with S help over the top and a LB to hit him within 5 yds of the LOS. When people start to figure out how good he is, it's gonna open up this whole Pittsburgh offense.
    If you put Steve Smith next to AB it would look like that Megatron/AB pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    If you put Steve Smith next to AB it would look like that Megatron/AB pick.
    I think they're almost the same size. Twin midgets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    The Left Tackle solution is not on the roster at this time. I don't think Levi Brown takes a paycut unless he is cut and has to come back and sign for less which is unlikely. We have to get a long-term solution for our LT through the draft.

    Signing a Free Agent is also unlikely because our cap situation going into the '14 season will be worse than it was this season.

    It seems like we will do just well enough this season to both miss the play offs and make one of the better LTs coming into the draft out of our reach...just great!!!!

    Many share that opinion about the LT but they aren't giving up on Adams. Right now, no need to think they will. Again, throw that out the window if they are in the top 10 & have a shot at Matthews, Kouandjio, or Lewan. Take the franchise LT.

    Brown taking a paycut is in his best interest because he won't get anything better than vet min on the street. If he turned it down & was cut, more than likely he would be unemployed until after week 1 & I'm sure his agent will tell him that. Just like all the talk suggest, taking a LT in the 1st in the late teens or 20's or in the 2nd round gives you the same risk the two 2nd's they spent on Adams & Gilbert. All Pro or Same...It is the draft. As for a FA, that is the best course at the right price. If you sign a player who showed he can play LT you direct the draft to other positions & you still may get return on your investment at OT. They need more than just answers at LT in '14. The Steelers may have to sign 2nd tier FA replacements to fill voids after cuts. The approach from the "Smart Business" side for the LT situation, which the Steelers seem to follow that model, would be to get Brown to take the cut & he would be the "insurance". That decision will be made based on the evaluation of Adams & Beachum the rest of the year. Not my 1st choice.

    The cap issue was discussed in another thread & it isn't worse than last year. Many keep looking at publications and rankings. They will be fine under rule 51. Levi Brown alone counts 6 mil. He cost $0 to release. They will do something with Miller to get his number down from 9 mil. Ike & Troy will be asked to take cut. One or both may be released if they refuse. For some reason I feel one or both might be willing to give something back. There may be 3-4 mil between both of them to stick around in '14. They have to ask themselves if they think someone will pay them 7 & 8 mil in '14 on a contender. Maybe the best thing for the Steelers cap situation in '14 happened in the start of '13. When Harrison declined to take a pay cut & gambled on hitting the FA market. Ended up costing him $3 mil. Harrison will end up pocketing less than 3 mil in '13 with the Bengals & that includes all bonuses at signing. Both should take note.

    Then of course there is BB...I'll address that since you mentioned the cap being so bad. They will have about 12 mil to absorb to do new deal before '14. For the Trade BB people...Trading him creates about 12 mil dead & saves the Steelers 6 mil but creates a huge hole for who knows how long. With 2 years left, the new deal has to pick up almost 6 mil in '14 & '15. If the deal has an average of 5-6 mil for Signing Bonus & year 1 & 2 is say 2 mil base to help with the carry over...The Steelers could save about 4 mil plus in '14 on a new deal. Those numbers are comparable to Rodgers & Brady's new deals so the $$$ is sound. If the Steelers want BB here past '15...The contract is obtainable with cap savings over the next two years. Even if you elevate his base in years '16-'18 anywhere between 7 mil - 11 mil...His cap number will be between 13 & 17 mil. For comparison, Brady's back 3 years are 13, 14, 15 mil & Rodgers are in the 19-20 mil range. Cap not an issue with BB. It is all about "IF's". If they want him here & If he wants to be here. Then the biggest "If"....If he wants to help the Steelers load around him like Brady. He is saying the right things right now.
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    getting back on topic, I think AB has proved himself as a #1. Yes, he doesn't have the measurable, I will give u that. But he finds the open field and has enough wiggle to make people miss. he will get that yac. I have no problem going forward with AB for the next couple years. Yes, it would be great to get Ben a 6'7" stud, who crushes DBs. But until then,m I'm all in favor of 84 running all over the defense after the catch.

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    * Antonio Brown had 137 yards receiving for his seventh 100-yard game of the season. He has 1,245 yards in 13 games and became the eighth player in franchise history to top 1,200 receiving yards in a season.


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    Now if he would just learn to stay inbounds we would have it made

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    It's a perfect match. A QB that extends plays + a WR that works his butt off to get open. AB is a young Hines. Has just a little chip about his draft status and naysayers that pushes him to greatness. Give Ben a modestly athletic big WR on the other side to distract the DBs and AB's numbers might shatter records.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post
    * Antonio Brown had 137 yards receiving for his seventh 100-yard game of the season. He has 1,245 yards in 13 games and became the eighth player in franchise history to top 1,200 receiving yards in a season.

    Yep! We kept a real player and let the poser go. Thank goodness we didn't waste money on Wallace.

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    Brown is Digest Player of Week

    Bob Labriola
    Steelers Digest

    He caught five passes for 66 yards and a touchdown, and if there was a back-breaking moment for the Cincinnati Bengals last Sunday night it came on his 67-yard punt return for the touchdown that extended the Steelers lead to 21-0 at the end of a first quarter in which he scored two of the three touchdowns himself.

    Antonio Brown is the Steelers Digest Player of the Week.

    Also considered were Ben Roethlisberger, who completed 20-of-25 for 191 yards with one touchdown and one interception; Troy Polamalu, who had five tackles, a pass defensed, and a forced fumble; Ziggy Hood, who had four tackles including one for loss, the team’s only sack, and a fumble recovery; Le’Veon Bell, who had 107 yards from scrimmage – 57 rushing and 50 receiving – and a touchdown; and Shaun Suisham, who was 3-for-3 on field goal attempts, including a 45-yarder into the open end of Heinz Field, and had good distance and placement on his kickoffs.


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    He's doing a good job finding the endzone...


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