Perhaps I should wait a couple of weeks until the Dolphins visit Heinz to make this comparison, but Cotchery's unexpected recent TD production has certainly caused many of us to stand up and take notice.

Coming in to this season, I wondered aloud where the passing game TD production would come from, since Wallace was in Miami, Heath was starting out the year on the shelf, and Brown/Sanders/Cotchery, while solid between the 20's, weren't exactly dynamos in the red zone.

Jerricho had no TD's all of last season, and now he has 5 TD's in the last 3 games; his 7 TD catches this season are more TD catches than any other in his career, even though he was a full time starter for the Jets for 4 seasons (including a couple of 82 catch seasons and a 1130 yard season back in Jersey) and has only started 2 games for us this season.

This year, Jerricho Cotchery has 34 catches for 503 yards and 7 TD's through 10 games.

This year, Mike Wallace has 44 catches for 534 yards and 1 TD through 10 games.

Cotchery is in the final season of a 2 year, $3 million contract that a $1 million signing bonus, while Wallace is in the first season of a 5 year, $60 million contact with $30 guaranteed, and that has gotten the Dolphins 10 more catches for 31 more yards and SIX FEWER TOUCHDOWNS. So much for the big play scoring weapon. Cotchery is actually averaging more than two-and-a-half more yards per catch this season than Wallace (14.79 vs. 12.14).

Many will explain this disparity away by saying that it is much different catching passes from Ben Roethlisberger as opposed to Ryan Tannehill. Good point, but let's look at what Cotchery has done in the 10 games this season with Ben, vs. what Wallace did in the first 10 games with Ben last season.

This year, Jerricho Cotchery has 34 catches for 503 yards and 7 TD's through 10 games.

Last year, Mike Wallace had 42 catches for 539 yards and 6 TD through 10 games.

Comparing Wallace's first 10 games with Ben last year and his first 10 games with Tannehil this year, the catches and yards are nearly identical (only a 2 catch, 5 yard difference), but Wallace was certainly finding the end zone more with Ben throwing him the ball.

Wallace's first 10 games last year compared to Cotchery's first 10 games this year show us that Mike had 8 more catches for 36 more yards and 1 fewer TD than Jerricho (and Jerricho only has started 2 of 10 games this year while Mike started all 10). Cotchery once again has the better yards per catch than big play Wallace, this time by nearly 2 yards per catch (14.79 vs. 12.83).

Cotchery's going to be due a moderate pay raise (he isn't breaking the bank at age 31, though), but he seems to be outperforming the much more hyped Manny Sanders as well (who has 42 catches for 509 yards and 2 TD's with a 12.12 YPC avg in 6 of 10 starts). I could easily see us letting Sanders walk in the offseason while bringing back Cotchery on a reasonably short-term deal to go with Brown, Wheaton, Moye, and likely a rookie draft pick.