Wonder if Worilds just priced himself out of our price range after yesterday's performance? There seems to be a premium being placed on pass rushers/OLBs. And Jason looks as good as anyone on the left.

I seriously wonder if we'd considering moving JJ inside and trying to keep/use Worilds at ROLB?

It's kinda odd how the team has been managing the roster lately. We've got older guys recently like Hampton, Max, Farrior/Foote, Ike, Clark, Troy where we don't have viable backups on the roster ready to step in and take over. But then when it comes to guys like Worilds and even Lewis last year, just as these young guys showed some potential, we already had their replacements on the roster in JJ and Cortez and seem ready to move on.

I don't know how you build a team if you keep letting your young guys go after their rookie contracts. Unless you're bringing in quality FAs to replace them and we're not really doing that either - never have.

I dunno what the exact problem is, but it seems challenging. Are we not picking the right guys? Are we developing them too slowly? Are we picking redundant positions we shouldn't b because these guys are developing slowly?