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Thread: Steelers have turned things around

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    Quote Originally Posted by Discipline of Steel View Post
    4-2 in the last 6 games...right now, we are a good team!
    Brian B was mentioning during the game that he was at the Steelers practice on Fri and that Mike T is a really good coach and was on top of everyone and everything. Said he was really energetic and coaching everyone up on everything. It was nice to hear when we're all wondering wtf Tomlin is doing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelBuckeye View Post
    he's ran a few routes ... I kinda shudder to think what would happen if he was actually targeted though .. lol

    You never know. Maybe the dude can catch? Can you imagine a DB trying to tackle him?
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    I guarantee Adams has better hands than I. Taylor!

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    If (and I don't think it's happened yet) we were up big in a game in the 4th Quarter, I'd love to see a pass thrown Mike Adams' way. He'd be a load to bring down.[/quote]

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramblinjim View Post
    If (and I don't think it's happened yet) we were up big in a game in the 4th Quarter, I'd love to see a pass thrown Mike Adams' way. He'd be a load to bring down.
    If we did, I doubt the opposing defense would pull an Ike Taylor and try to tackle such a beast up high. The way Megatron flicked Taylor away was a little comical.

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    Hey Roger...
    2nd place in our division! Unbelievable!!!
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    If we go 4-2, this it how it could look.
    Wouldn't that be cool? Indi looks beatable to me


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    I wouldn't say turn it around but getting better & playing with some heart again. Arrow is pointing up! Just keep it in perspective...One loss could change everything.

    The reason on O that we are getting better isn't benching Adams or just Bell's emergence. Adams still plays significant snaps & playing well. Hopefully this continues because he will push again. Stability & chemistry on the OL with log snaps is what the difference is. With Decastro emerging & Velasco settling in the interior is looking solid...Need Foster back though. Bell has given us balance in the passing game & is looking the part.

    The one thing that still concerns me is they need to find their identity on offense. Let me rephrase...Haley needs to conform to the identity that is emerging. Perhaps Haley should be given credit for it "emerging" but my gut tells me <cough> someone took or asked for the reigns & that is why it has emerged. Since I don't know what conversations took place I won't bash or credit Haley. Maybe BB asked & Haley said go with it. Maybe Haley directed BB to go with it. I don't hear any grumbling & Haley seems to be firey & pumped with his players. What I will do is observe what happens going forward. If the offense continues to look like what we saw against Detroit & it grows from there...I will credit Haley & BB. If the brakes lock up...I know what is going on.
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    This little hot streak really magnifies some of the early losses. If the Steelers won any of those very winnable early games - Titans, Raiders, Vikings, take your pick - they would be .500 and in a good position for the wild card. With those early losses, there is almost no room for error.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    You never know. Maybe the dude can catch? Can you imagine a DB trying to tackle him?
    How about he motions back to FB, playing somewhat of an H-back position. Then at the snap he gets a running start into the line in short yardage.


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