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It's difficult to know exactly what's going on here. But we've seen and heard a few things that make you wonder:
-Mike Tomlin wanted and expected Bruce Arians to return
-ART said he was going to retire
-ART tells Ben to tweak his game to stay healthy and reiterates he wants to run the ball more effectively
-Todd Haley is hired, presumably to do what ART wants
-First part of 2012, this plan seems to be headed in the right direction
-Ben gets hurt anyway and we've been in decline ever since
-Finally, Tomlin appears to inject himself last week and we put our foot on the gas offensively and play to our strengths in a signature win
So, is Haley the problem? Or was ART's mandate to Haley the problem? Did Tomlin finaly ignore mandate and tell Haley and the offense what to do?
Strange that Tomlin not only said he fired BA and hired Haley without Rooney's input or permission but he held a press conference to say it. So either he is a huge liar that would hold a press conference and lie to the press and fans or he did what he said he did. Tough choice.