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Thread: Hope Media Keeps Bringing Up Ben Leaving Pittsburgh

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    Hope Media Keeps Bringing Up Ben Leaving Pittsburgh

    The silver lining in the media bringing up Ben leaving Pittsburgh is he seemed to play better this week as a result. I hope people keep talking about him leaving to keep driving him to playing better.

    We haven't seen the typical Big Ben 4th Q comeback in a long time. Were these rumors what it took?

    Ben's always played better when people doubt him or question him. Wonder if someone in the Steelers dropped these rumors with no intention of ever getting rid of him but just to push him to play better? I wouldn't put that past Tomlin. It kind of reeks of Tomlin passive aggressively pushing someone's buttons. Seems like a Tomlin motivational trick in a way.

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    Flippy--you have coined a new phrase, the "hope media!" As in I those uninformed, wanna be so-called reporters who "hope" the story they made up with no substance to meet my ediotors demands to fill space/time come true so I can seem smart sometime in the future.

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    I think more than the media pressuring Ben, it was the coaches allowing Ben to play to his strengths (hurry-up, no-huddle, calling the plays) that made the difference.


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