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A tanker is someone who wants their team to lose so they can get a good draft pick... I kinda made it up.

A BIG win this year does nothing for our playoff chances next year. Every year is different and all the teams change due to turnover and parity. A win this week with or without Megatron keeps us in the hunt regardless of how bad we are and that's OK by me.

..and remember beating the Ravens last year with Batch? How did that work out for our confidence this year?
Well since I spent my military career as a "tanker" I guess I might as well be one as a fan too. Count me in the group of those who want a chance at a premium draft pick versus a meaningless 6-10 or 7-9 record. After all look how badly it worked out for the Penguins when they "tanked" and got Lemieux.