How good do you guys think Cameron can be? Anyone think Heyward might be better than Aaron Smith?

If we look at his last 3 games where he's really come on, he's got 17 tackles and 2 sacks. Those are great numbers for a 3-4 DE. If you project those out for a full season, that's 90 tackles and 10 sacks. Those numbers would destroy any production from a 3-4 DE ever.

Aaron's best seasons were 70 tackles and 5.5 sacks or 43 tackles and 8 sacks.

The only other guy I'd put in Smitty's class would be Richard Seymour who also played some 3-4 DE. His best numbers were 57 tackles and 8 sacks.

If Heyward keeps it up, he's on pace to be the best ever at the position. And he's just getting started. Granted if he keeps it up, teams are going to have to game plan around him.

If Cam keeps his pace going for the rest of this year, he's gonna get to 61 tackles and 7 sacks. Those would be monster numbers and he wasn't even a starter for the full season.