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and i want the steelers to succeed. namely their offense to get better. it has struggled for years.

it will not get better(like everyone here said it would) every time a lower round draft pick outplays his rookie contract and we let him go for nothing . it will not get better (like everyone here said it would) when they trade a former 1st round pick and former SB MVP for a low round draft pick.
it will not get better when all you do is depend on late round draft picks (thank god we got a find in AB) to fill out your WR corps.

take a look around the league. offenses are scoring at an all time clip. see who the guys catching those TDs are. Big, fast, Top end talent (for the most part)
And there's a mix of smaller guys in there too. Guys like Brown, Welker, Jackson, Royal, Jackson, Garcon, Cruz, Hilton, Smith are all quality receivers putting up numbers.

But give me a Jimmy Graham or a Gronk and that'll really make your offense start to click. Give me 2 of them over any big WRs because they can do so much more for your offense.