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His jumbo package with Cotchery as the single WR is laughable. That basically puts 10 guys in the box.

It's also not helping anything to have a RB that's too slow to be a threat to run outside the tackles. Not only are we begging the opposing D to load up the box, but to load up and crash the middle of the LOS.

And having TEs that have no impact on the passing game just invite more guys into the box. And we've just given up and added an extra tackle at TE.

It's as if Haley has designed the offense for a weak armed Jon Kitna type QB. And that means less field for the opposing D to defend. It's just mind boggling what we're trying to do. How do you take Ben's skillset and build an offense around draw plays and bubble screens? I really don't get it??
Where do you get Bell is slow? At 230 pounds he ran an official 4.6. Rotoworld had him at 4.52 and 4.56. Scouts referred to it as "impressive".


FYI, Emmitt Smith ran a 4.7 at the NFL combine. I think he turned out aight.