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A win for the fans and the FO and a loss for Ben financially if he takes a pay cut. I don't see why he would do that, business is business and he's worth every penny, IMO.

I get it Pap but disagree with you. With the way Ben play's the game his BEST days are behind him I think. He can still have very good days but is also one major hit from the end. Ben has been a gamble from day 1. It has worked out for both parties very well up till now. Him and his kids SHOULD be set for life if he has 1/8 of a brain! Hedging your bet as the FO and getting Ben for 4 more years or more maybe at a home town discount is a major win for the Steelers I think. No one player is bigger then the team remember. But I will take a declining Ben and gamble on getting to another super bowl before he hangs it up or walks/carted off the field. The way the Steelers handle Ben will be interesting. Some old players are sent walking. Some stick around maybe for to long.