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"I'm unhappy with the offense when we don't produce and that's as much on me as anybody. As far as me wanting to go somewhere else or anything like that, I mean that is completely unacceptable, I don't know where that came from. It's one of the most BS stories I've ever heard of! I've always said I want to be a Steeler for life! I love it here, I'm happy here. I don't want to go anywhere. No one in my family, in our camp, agents, no one has ever said anything about that, so wherever this was made up from, it's totally false.

"This is ridiculous! I don't want to go anywhere, I love it here! This is family! This is where I want to be, and where I've always wanted to be. I don't want to play for anyone else..I'm a Pittsburgher. This is home. I'm so proud to raise my kids here. I want to finish my career here, however long that is. I don't want to play for anybody else. This is it for me!" -- Ben, to the media in reference to the rumor he wants to be traded because he is unhappy playing for the Steelers.
I bet this thread continue for 20 pages even though the rumor has been squashed