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It's not a secret. Any team that can control the Nose on both sides of the ball will win a lot of games. Period. McClendon is too easily moved side-to-side. Hampton was an immovable object, even against double teams.

Do the Steelers have a true Nose tackle on the roster?... I'm not sure.

On the other side of the ball, a center that can push the NT out of the way like a D Dawson or J Hartwig is what they have been lacking. So there are no surprises with the current line play.
So why stick with a defense you don't have the players to execute properly and when it is extremely difficult to find that dominant NT it requires unlikely you will be able to? Thats just been the point I've been making. The defense as LeBeau executes it is too hard to replenish the talent. We are seeing that come home to roost this season.