In our 6 losses, we've given up over 100 yards rushing. In our 2 wins, we've given up less than 100 yards. Could the real problem be that we simply can't stop the run on Defense?

If we look at the difference in the front 7 since last year - it's Hampton, Harrison, and Foote. Have McClendon, Williams, and Jarvis killed the defensive front's ability to stop the run? Has this amplified the defensive problems we have?

I think tackling is the biggest problem. If we made tackles consistently, we'd probably be at least 4-4. If we made tackles and didn't turn the ball over, we'd probably be 7-1 right now.

If we could stop the runs, offenses would have to be one dimensional against us. And we could pin our ears back and go after the QB. And the pressure might lead to more turnovers?