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I'll tell you what...anyone who has ever played the game of football at at least the high school level, can tell you that there isnt anything new that LeBeau is doing this season that he hasnt done in the past. All you have to do is watch these games and you can see for yourself if you know what you are looking for or at.
The DLine is trying to penetrate the LOS rather than control the gap this year. I think that's very different than our traditional system. And it's one of the main reasons (aside from our DLine's talent) that we can't stop the run. OGs are getting to Timmons/Williams and that's not something that we've seen consistently in the past.

Also we're seeing our SS used almost primarily as a LB and Clark often as the single high safety. And it seems like it's all the time. And I don't remember DL being so predictable.

I think we'd be better off if DL made one more change and went to a nickle as our base package to take McClendon and Williams off the field on 1st downs where we're consistently giving up big yardage. Or if not, I'd like to see what Fangupo could do in our base D on occasion because the guy is supposed to be as powerful as an ox and I think there's a chance he might be able to control the middle of the LOS a little better than McClendon.

I get what you're saying about 3-4's being 3-4's and comparable. But I also see DL doing things a little differently to try to adjust to the lack of talent. And I really do think he's a little screwed at this point with the players we have and their limitations. Sometimes, I think it's just impossible to scheme around bad play.