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Thread: Anyone who thinks Tomlin or Colbert are going anywhere

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerkeylargo View Post
    If you got off your soapbox for 2 seconds you would see that I stated in the start of this thread that I would like LeBeau to step aside so not sure how my glasses are rose colored. As far as the PROBABLY quote, without seeing their actual playbooks I can't tell you for sure on the first part, but spending most of my time at college campus's on weekends and looking at gametape I CAN TELL YOU FOR A FACT THAT THE WEEKLY INSTALL AND SUB PACKAGES IS NIGHT AND DAY BETWEEN COLLEGE AND PRO. i CAN ALSO TELL YOU THAT A PLAYER LIKE JARVIS JONES IS OVERWHELMED FROM AN ASSIGNMENT STANDPOINT. If you can't acknowledge that you know even less than I thought. As far as telling you the difference's not sure how you would like to go about that through this forum but if you would like to throw up plays or film I would
    be glad to break them down for you from a positional assignment and coverage standpoint. Like I said, keep tending to your herd and leave football to those that know what's up.

    By the way your boy Todd Grantham's D is getting torched for 30 plus a game.
    This is exactly what I thought you would say. You talk and talk and talk yet absolutely no proof. You can say all you want about weekly install and sub packages is night and day between college and pro yet can not show me any proof of this nor can you show me any proof that there are major differences in the 3-4 hat LeBeau runs compared to what Saban runs. You would impress me if you could break down and explain the differences between the two 3-4's. But you can't. If you say you can break plays, positional assignments, and coverages, then you should be able to tell this forum what these major differences you claim there are between the 3-4 LeBeau runs and the 3-4 Saban runs.

    But you can't. And just like a little kid who has been proven wrong and can't take it, you take a personal shot at me with the "By the way your boy Todd Grantham's D is getting torched for 30 plus a game" remark.

    When did I ever say anything about me liking Grantham? I simply pointed out to you and feltdizz that he learned the 3-4 from Saban. How is he my boy? But I get it. You got showed up and now you want to lash out. Nice!

    BTW, what you said about Grantham and his D getting torched for 30 plus a game, is another example of you not having a clue. He should be struggling this year since he lost 12 players who started for his defense last year.

    What a shame.
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