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Comical? Really? I have proven on this forum many times that the 3-4 that Nick Saban runs is just a complex as that of LeBeau's. And when you use the term "comparable" and insinuate that a college 3-4 can never be comparable to that of the one the Steelers run shows me a lot about you and your knowledge of the game. News Flash!! Every 3-4 is comparable. There is only so many things you can do with them. Variations? Of course. But they are all comparable.

I never suggested that the Steelers should draft Rahim Moore or Matt Barkley with a first round pick. What I said was, they were both 1st round talents in my opinion. But this is you again saying stuff that I never said. That is who you are.

Say what you want about me, I have enough integrity to never personally attack another here, or misquote them.

Last time I checked Jarvis Jones played for Mark Richt not Nick Saban. Saban brought the NFL to the college game. Comparing the 3-4 the Steelers run to that of Georgia is ridiculous. There are so many variations of the 3-4. The one's the Patriots, Cowboys and texans run all differ from the Steelers. As far as your love for Rahim Moore and Matt Barkley I am sure there are plenty that remember, I don't need to waste my time looking for your quotes. Let's just disagree like always.