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SKL, I always appreciate your insight, but I think that roster stinks. There is no beef on that defenisve line. If you move Heyward to DT, you need a big run stuffer next to him, not McClendon. And Vince Williams as the ILB? Ugh. He has shown a few flashes from time to time, but he's mostly shown that he is not an NFL caliber talent right now. I also don't see Jones as a DE. He barely has the bulk to be a 3-4 OLB. That defense might actually be worse against the run than this group.

On the offensive side, the Steelers need a big WR. If not a tall WR, at least a powerful guy who can catch a ball when he is covered. When was the last time Sanders caught a contested pass?

I do agree with you that Tomlin will be safe this offseason (not necessarily that he should be, but that he will be), but after his collapse last year and the putrid performance this year, I'd put him on the hotseat. I'd also remove him from personnel decisions. The Cowher/Colbert tandem was great. The Tomlin/Colbert tandem has been below the line.

Is there some weak spots? Sure. Without knowing what kind of cuts and FA's will be available and considering the Cap Jail we will be in, this roster reflects a combo of current players and next years draft picks. Heyward played inside and out on Ohio St. Hopefully Spence will be ready to play next season. While I would love a Size/Speed WR I think that is a luxury right now. Ben threw for 400 yards the other day. I actually think another premier TE would be the best bet for rapid improvement on O. I think with a 1st round OT and possibly keeping Velasco at C and moving Pouncey to LG the OL has massive potential for immediate success.