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And a front 7 would make Lebeau look like a genius again

It's time for everyone to make the best tasting chicken salad out of the foulest chicken sh!t that they can. It's all a mess. And Haley is as big a problem as any. Look at his formations and predictable play calling. With a line as bad as we have, why would anyone in their right mind trot out a jumbo package with Cotchery as the WR? That's begging for 10/11 in the box against a line that can't block.

The situational football is predictable. I think Haley moved the pocket for the first time this season last night. There's so much he could be doing to help Ben out that he isn't. If the line can't block, why not incorporate more 3 step drops? Why keep Ben a sitting target all the time? Why use Johnson/Paulson ever? Why have Adams running routes as a TE?

Haley's putting Ben in position to take hits and make mistakes at an alarming rate. This is exactly what he was hired to prevent. Considering he's not doing what he was hired to do, I don't have a problem with moving on from him. Seriously, every player/coach on this team is indefensible right now.
Apples and oranges. Lebeau has Timmons, Keisel, Woodley, Jones, Heyward. I mean how much more talent along the front 7 do you need? If you can't get it done with those guys...hang em up.