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hopefully NFLN airs a repeat of jets/saints game for those that are too busy on sundays to catch the other games in the league.
Steeler fans don't give a damn about what goes on in the rest of the league, which is exactly why they **** on Roethlisberger all the time: they have no legitimate basis for comparison. They won't watch Drew Brees getting his ass handed to him by the Jets; they'll just pretend it never happens, just like every goddamn one of his 79 INTs/fumbles since 2010.

For that matter, they won't notice Matt Ryan's seven INTs in the last two games now that his starting WRs and a couple of starting offensive linemen are hurt. And he's only thrown two TD passes in the last two games to boot. He's taking a walk in Roethlisberger's shoes and playing no better.

As the early games were winding to a close today, my father and I were looking at the tickers on each channel, and we commented on how many QBs threw multiple INTs today.

By the way, here's a more in-depth analysis of Roethlisberger's nine INTs so far this season...

Inaccurate throw: 5

- Titans
- Bengals
- Bears #1
- Bears #2
- Patriots #1

Bad decision: 1

- Raiders #1

WR's fault: 3

- Vikings
- Raiders #2
- Patriots #2

"There are problems in Pittsburgh. The QB is not one of them." -Phil Simms, late in the fourth quarter of the Steelers' historic 55-31 loss to the Patriots