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Bell will be fine, IMO. Of course he still has things to work on. He is a rook after all. The blocking will get better. He will improve on the little things that will bring his average up a bit and we will have a consistent RB. We can then bring in Jones or Dwyer for the odd burst.
There's still a couple blocks he misses each game to put Ben in a bad position. I get that he's the future at the position for us and I expect he'll get better. But for now, it seems like Dwyer would give this team a better chance to keep Ben upright and making a few more plays that might keep a few more drives alive and prevent a few turnovers. RB blocking might be the little bit this team needs to get over the hump to help Ben win some more games.

Just saying. If Tomlin's gonna bench JJ for Worilds, why not put Dwyer ahead of Bell too? Worilds really hasn't done much of anything to deserve the promotion. Dwyer has imho.