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Thread: Bell vs Dwyer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Don't you think the multiple TE sets might be a result of them needing to help a terrible OL to give Ben anytime at all?
    I don't think it helps if your extra TE is no threat in the passing game. It ultimately invites another defender into the box. I think we'd be better served with an extra receiving option that pulls someone out of the box and gives the OLine less guys to block. Some of the problem seems to be communication issues between the constantly changing parts on the line. 1 less guy in the box is the potential for 1 less mental gaffe.

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    Flippy's point in well taken....if the TEs weren't scrubs, it would work better...but, at this point, I'd rather have Cotchery on the field than any of the TEs not named Miller...


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