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    56 is the closest defender to Pryor, how in the frig is he not responsible for Pryor???? 56 wasn't even blocked!! I think its foolish to think that it's 94 responsibility since he's 10 yards off the LOS, and a blocker to shed. Again the defensive call there was asinine!! Steelers-Depot just trying to save 56 azz, for what reason I don't know?? There is no doubt that Haley's play-calling, and playbook is sucking azz, but 7 has to be accountable. It's 7 who is playing...if I'm 7, I'm rolling friggin heads on the sideline!! Is it just me, or do I see Marcia Brady yelling at everybody!! He refuses to lose! My comments about 7, "not wanting to win", mainly speak of his lack of intensity! I don't see any intensity before, during or after the games. His post-game PC is the same every time the team loses...blah blah, we didn't do enough, blah blah, we didn't catch the ball, blah blah, we didn't block good enough, blah blah friggin blah blah!!!!!!! I wanna see something, and I wanna see some friggin EMOTION!! Football is a game of emotion, and without any, you are doomed to lose. I'm no professional athlete, but I play hoops, and softball atleast 3 times a week. You could ask any teammate or opponent what I bring to the game. I bring intensity, and I bring friggin energy!!! Not everyone plays this way, but best believe that the best players on the team should TRY and play this way!!!! JD
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