...with this sham of a team. With season on the line and playing an Oakland Raiders team that is far from good, the Steelers absolutely sh!t the bed. WTF is 56 doing on the first play? He doesn't even acknowledge Pryor BEFORE the hand off to McFadden. After a week of film room break-down, and on-field practice, this is how 56 starts the game? If Tomlin or LeBeau had any balls, they should have benched his lazy, sorry azz for the rest of the game!! This is inexcusable. For a rookie to make that mistake is possibly understandable, but 56 is a seasoned vet making huge $$. It SCREAMS pathetic!! 56 is quoted as saying..."I thought McFadden had the ball..." Are you kidding me 56? This is not a Steeler!! This is a friggin loser!! I dispise his attitude, and absolutely hope and pray he gets released or traded prior to next season. You might as well add 96, 25, and 93 to the list of released/traded because they all friggin stink. 25 just needs to leave the team and join Gameday on ESPN. Mr. 7 is a disaster!! He's been to three Bowls, and won two. 7 has seen it all, and done it all, so many times before. Marcia Brady has a worse WR corp and is still 6-2! Brady give a sh!t. Ben just doesn't care anymore. There's no emotion from him, and he never gets pissed off at anybody!! I don't care that the o-line stinks. Ben played behind a comparably bad o-line in 08 and won the Bowl. Ben doesn't rally the team. There is a disconnect between him, his teammate, and Haley. He's on his own island, is simply sipping a cocktail, and has no cares in the world. I don't think he wants to WIN anymore. Here's to a 2-14 record, and the first pick in the draft.