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Thread: Do You Enjoy Watching These Steelers?

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    I don't think they have been bad long enough for most people to give up. Now, if they start a slide like the Browns or Cinci of a few years ago, then I think there may be a few more "fans" trickle away.

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    In all honesty, the only moments of pure joy I've experienced during games have been the occasional spectacular play by Ben or Troy. Maybe throw in AB's hands a few times. And throw in Foster manhandling Ngata a few times 1 on 1 against Balt.

    But it feels more and more that everything grates on my nerves while I watch these guys. And we've been thru lots of losing over the years as Steelers fans, but the thing that gets me is just the utter chaos and what seems at times to be a complete lack of effort. Add in the guys we've drafted and the FAs we've brought in and watching the Steelers becomes eerily similar to slowly pounding one's head against the wall for 3 hours every Sunday

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    This season will bring perspective to make the #7 Lommbardi very sweet. Not enjoying the ineptness and foolishness seen on the field, and most games I've only heard by radio, but it's been fun to laugh about some of it.


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