Since everybody seems to be crucifying the coaching staff, especially the coordinators, I'd like to see a change made for one game and see how it works out. Let Ben and Troy go old school. Ben calls all the offensive plays and Troy does the same on defense. They would be responsible for personnel, formations, everything.

If Ben wants to go no-huddle the entire game then let him. If Troy wants to send the house on every play so be it. If Troy wants the rookies on the field he can play them. If Ben wants to go deep every play to Wheaton then its bombs away. Let our field generals lead this team and see if they can get more out of the talent than the coaches currently do.

I know this won't happen but it could be a great learning experience for the coaches if they did it. I've always thought players on the field have a better feel for what is going on in the game than the coaches on the sideline do. I've never liked the coaches taking over play calling.

Once we are eliminated from playoff contention it wouldn't hurt anything. Just some fodder for discussion.