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I never once beat my chest over any of this...and hence you raising my eye with your diatribes. I may have got one right. If you think I have any sort of investment from an ego standpoint, then you don't know me. So, how about we just talk football instead of getting personal and giving life advice. Because in my book that reeks of arrogance. And like yourself I'm entitled to my opinions, but when they come to board personalities I tend to keep that to myself.

Your posts after the draft about Adams & your posts in here I perceived as "beating your chest." When you post "Second, you and the scouts were wrong about Adams" I take that in a condescending nature. If that wasn't your intention...So be it. Just like I don't know you...You don't know me. I wasn't touting Adams to be a Steelers pick. Since he was a Steeler...I support it. I thought you were provoking an argument by stating I was wrong. Since you were off...You get the argument. So instead of getting personal you call me arrogant. Jab & Run. You can take me getting personal & my advice any way you want. Write me down in your book as arrogant since you called it. Your ignorance now draws the line in the dirt.