I don't think you could say "reaching for starters" when you talk about Steelers early picks. Especially when the Steelers haven't relied to get them on the field day 1 over the last several years. Some have shown up early & forced their hand but they don't look to the draft for "22" in that year...They look to build. The Steelers have been pretty sound & true to their form in the 1st round. That is a formula many fans hate and will be quick to point out the failure or hindsight when there is a prospect behind that stands out. 2nd round players seem to be where they look to try & fill a need for near future...But I don't see glaring reaches there either. If there is someone there they want but don't think will be there next time around...That's not a reach if they can't trade back. That's just the numbers game. 2nd round prospects are many times players that have "something" that pushed them down. It isn't often where there are a pure 32+ 1st round talents. More often there are the 1st rounders...And then the rest. It seems to be in the Steelers case the biggest source for criticism because of the hits in the 1st more often then not and find late round talent that ends up being huge contributors.