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You don't have to "drug screen" people in your mock Shawn. You do enough to call a guy a talent but don't know he is all over the news and what happened. That's a huge rock you are under. Hey...That's fine if that's what you want people to believe. You want to be critical of draftees by the Steelers and say you knew it all along but the Steelers didn't see it on one hand. On the other hand you want me to believe you don't do your homework because you don't get paid to be thorough & that's why you don't know about the mess Lyerla is in...I don't buy it. We will leave that argument go. I'm not going to put my foot on someone's head why they tread water.

The Steelers miss...Just like you & I. Just like 31 other teams. To say someone didn't show anything in college to deserve to get drafted into the NFL in the 2nd round by the Steelers is ridiculous. I did the predraft process on Adams & Gilbert. I watched Adams play allot being a Big 10 guy. After they were selected I even did it more thoroughly. Neither were a reach. Both deserved their grades. That was the consensus on both. Inconsistencies was on both their resumes but that doesn't make them undraftable or 4th or 5th round grades. That's the draft. The track record speaks for itself. Will they both end up as cuts & never be good starters? Time will tell. They are at least sniffing the field so I for one won't sweep them under the rug just yet. I believe coaching needs to be addressed. I saw a flat line across the board with the young OL this year after Koogs left & Bicknell came aboard. My assessment is the Steelers made a mistake thinking Adams was ready for the left side. They put allot of "hope" that was the answer. If they had a quality LT & didn't have Gilbert... Adams would be logging starts at RT for the last two years & this conversation wouldn't be taking place. They were wrong. Damage has been done. That is another discussion. Is it irreversible? Unfortunately all of that is on Adams and his "past" leaves it in doubt right now. With Gilbert at RT..The best thing for him right now is to get on the field at TE. That won't be the cure all but let's hope that keeps his head on right & keeps him on track. Adams should have went the Marvel Smith - Max Starks route until he was ready...Not when the FO needed him to be ready.
Are you Mike Adams cousin? WTF... you sound real hurt over this.