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JPN, I agree that no player coming out of college is a finished product, they simply have a floor and a ceiling, with a certain likelihood that they will fall within that range. What I am seeing too often over the past few years are Steeler draftees who are coming much closer to hitting their floors than their ceilings. Much of that comes to character evaluation, while much also comes to coaching. These issues must be addressed if this team is to move forward.
That is a good way of looking at it. I would put the majority of the responsibility on coaching. I am a firm believer that coaching is what separates. I believe that from the lowest levels to the highest. When you get to the NFL...The transition of understanding you went from a game to a job needs to be realized by a player from the coaching level to translate to the field. That approach is a huge hurdle for new players coming into the league. The preparation & development factor is a 50/50 marriage between player & coaches. The problem that exists in "development" is the player's part is stacked on the coaches part...Not the other way around. The phrase "a player is a reflection of the coaches" carries a lot of weight.