For those clinging to hopes of turning around the season, or for those who think it's "too early" to talk draft...this thread isn't for you. But, for those of us who want to have a real discussion about the draft...then lets go at it.

I was looking at all the teams with 3 wins or less. That is 15 teams. Realistically that is the high end of where the Steelers will be picking. 2 or less was only 7 teams besides the Steelers.

Predicting the Steelers to draft at 8-10 is very realistic. With that in mind I would like to list the top realistic players the Steelers would draft in order.

1) Jake Matthews-The most game ready LT in this draft...solid all around, leader, should be a superb tackle for years to come. With that said, I do not believe him to be the best LT prospect in this draft. His foot speed while good is not elite. I think Matthews projects better as an All Pro RT.

2) Cyrus Kouandjio-Now we are talking. Yes, more of a "project" than Matthews but this guy has it all. Saban thought so much of this kid that he moved his Outland award winning LT to center to get Cyrus on the field. Cyrus is a freak of nature...very quick, very strong, and he is a big man. He may have the most upside of any LT coming out in the last 5 years. He had a very strong year last year, and I believe he is still holding strong this season. While not as polished as Matthews, he should be the better pro.

3) Taylor Lewan-another LT prospect out of Michigan...mountain of a man with a mean streak. I think he will be a very good pro but sometimes doesn't look elite against great competition. In the back of my brain I wonder if he wouldn't be just another good OLman if he was playing SEC competition week in and week out. He has more question marks in my mind.

4) Louis Nix-NT-The next coming of Casey hydrant...can't be moved...elite run stuffing NT. He is also a genetic freak...very quick for a big man...squaty...can get low. He knows how to take on double teams and still get push. He will be a hard guy for the Steelers to pass on because they won't see another guy like this come around in a very weak 3-4 NT draft.

5) Mike Evans-WR, 6-5...225 pounds... I have him higher on the Steelers draft board because of his size, and because of Watkins off the field issues. Big tall, talented WR...Ben finally gets his big WR.

6) Sammy Watkins-As talented as Watkins may be...I think he could possibly be off the Steelers draft board due to his drug issues. When you have a leadership you want to bring in a guy popping stimulants and smoking pot? He would have to have an amazing interview. But, he made my board because the guy is the best WR in this draft...and I think the Steelers will take a long hard look at him.

7) Brett Hundley/Johnny Manziel-two QBs who should be there when the Steelers draft. Will one catch the eye of Steeler scouts? Manziel's off the field antics probably rule him out...but wow is the guy talented. Hundley has alot of qualities you can't teach a QB...not to mention he is a threat with his legs. Both remote possibilities.

I have seen several mocks with the Steelers taking an OLB. I just don't see it. Ha Ha out of Bama is also in the realm of possibility. Running back, DB, ILB and TE are out unless the Steelers are drafting at 15.