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Thread: The real Suisham

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7 UP View Post
    Dude had an off day. Im not going to blame him. One hold was bad, and besides that, how about scoring some freaking TDs in the Red Zone against a bad team? When you cant score in the red zone you open yourself up to these types of losses.
    Suisham's been solid up to this point. You'd like the guy to be perfect, but off days just happen. And you're right, the guy should be given more opportunities to shank extra points instead of field goals.
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    He looked off when he was practicing during halftime.

    I really do think his hard hit he made on special teams early in the game rung his bell. And it affected him.

    And yes I wondered if that hold was right. It did look like it was at a 45 deg angle.

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    We shouldn't have had to been kicking field goals anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DukieBoy View Post
    On radio, Tunch said following one of the fubars that the hold by Zotlan Messco was really bad, the ball leaning way over to one side.
    I'd be happy to blame Mesko for anything. If I were Tomlin, I'd stop punting or kicking FGs and just go for it from anywhere and anytime. Of course that means more draws or WR screens, especially on 4th and long.


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