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Thread: Adams at TE

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    Adams at TE

    Anyone notice how many time Adams played TE vs the Ravens? Seemed like the announcers were calling him an eligible receiver at least every other play during the Ravens game. He's gotta be the biggest blocking TE in the game and I can see using him in goalline and short yardage, but wouldn't we be more dynamic with someone who's a threat to catch the ball out of his position?

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    Hey Roger...
    With the results our running game achieved in that game, Im not going to question it for now.
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    He will be thrown to once this season in a blowout game, and then for the rest of the year, every time he comes on the field as an eligible receiver, we will hear the announcer say: "Don't discount the possibility that the Steelers throw to Adams. They did it ___ weeks ago against ________."

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    Who knows? Maybe TE is Adams' calling.

    To this point, I'm not sure that LT is.


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