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Thread: Ray "The Ripper" Lewis on ESPN - need to vent and get this off my chest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Crunch View Post
    Thank you for this succinct and eloquent post. A person that gets it...

    IF Lewis didn't actually do the killing and that is a big IF that only he and the other dirt bags in his limo know... And BTW the fact is that he didn't cooperate as someone from Atlanta has posted... That is why he was charged with obstruction of justice... He fully knew the whole sequence of events and refused to help.
    But it's not a big "if". You have just chosen to make judgments on Lewis regardless of the true facts. It fits your personal story to deem him guilty. No one on the police force thought he was directly involved in the killing. They pleaded with the District Attorney to not file charges against him as the Police knew the facts of the case did not substantiate a charge - and they did not, that's why Lewis was never formally charged with the crime.

    He was charged with a misdemeanor b/c he didn't trust the DA and knew that taking lesser charges got this case over with. He WAS cooperating with police. Only after the DA went against advice of the the investigators did Lewis stop cooperating. The Police were very frustrated with charges being brought against Lewis. It was the smart course of action when he realized the DA was more concerned with making a name for himself than actually solving a crime.

    I'm not trying to change your feelings against Ray Lewis. But you are incorrect when you act as if he got away with murder. That's simply not what happened. Unfortunately for Ray, an unscrupulous District Attorney went after the biggest name instead of actually trying to convict the true perpetrators. Two additional people were found not guilty, and to this day, no person(s) has ever been convicted of this crime because of a DA looking to make news instead of doing the right thing. It's a damn shame but doesn't make Lewis a murderer, anymore than some lying skank in Vegas makes Ben a rapist.

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    I am not a Ray fan, I do live in Atlanta , have since 95.. The truth is the "boys" attacked Ray and his group with bottles.. - They were drunk and the whole night they were loud talking the club about what they would do.. they decided to demonstrate on Ray - they were drunk.. The end.

    I guess folks would feel better if it were Ray laid out on the Mat, choosing not to defend himself..
    did those boys Deserve to die.. no.. but when you run naked on the freeway in the Dark a car will hit you eventually.


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