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Thread: Your Least Favorite NFL Team & Why?

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    Your Least Favorite NFL Team & Why?

    So, I'm going round the web trying to find out why some fans seem to dislike certain teams. There has to be something about the under dog involved I think. Perhaps we enjoy seeing the dominant teams fall from grace.

    Anyway, who is your least favorite NFL team & why? I'm expecting most of you to say the 49ers and that's fine, but how about "other than rivals" teams?

    Here's a little info on my answer.

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    Dallas Cowboys - Because of the way Jerry Jones fired Tom Landry. Truly a classless owner.

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    Used to be the Raiders, Cowboys, and then Oilers way back when. Then it morphed into the Ravens and Patriots. But now its The NFL Network (also ESPN) - They trot out Warren Sapp, Meion Sanders, and Mike Irvin as part of the visible face of their network. Their rhetoric is that of Roger Goodell and their sole purpose in life is to promote stat giant offensive heros and do 'special interest' stories on the players whom the audience may perceive as thugs otherwise.
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    The Cheats. They are so slimy and unrepentant. Just can't stand dirtballs.

    FF has a point about the cryboys letting Landry go the way the did. The local fishwrap? Lame. JJ is a jerk of jerks.

    Still can't stand that the cheats did and got away with a lot more. I still think that they cheated at the AFCCG in Heinz in Ben's first year.
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    Poll: Dallas Cowboys are actually America's least favorite team

    By John Breech |
    January 2, 2014

    Apparently the Dallas Cowboys aren't America's team anymore. According to a recent poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, the Cowboys are actually America's least favorite team.

    In a poll of 741 registered voters, 23 percent of respondents said that the Cowboys were their least favorite team in the NFL. The only other team to be named by over 10 percent of respondents was the Chicago Bears, who are disliked by 13 percent of America. That number probably isn't going to do down now that Jay Cutler is locked in as the Bears quarterback until 2020.

    So if the Cowboys aren't America's team, then who is? According to this poll, it's the Denver Broncos. Fourteen percent of America said Denver was their favorite team. We also learned that America has a love-hate relationship with both the Cowboys and Bears.

    Dallas was listed as America's second favorite team, with 12 percent of respondents calling themselves Cowboys fans. The Packers were America's third favorite team (11 percent) and the Bears were fourth (10 percent).

    Of course, you can't take national poll about the NFL these days without asking if the Redskins should change their name. That question was asked in this poll and 71 percent of respondents said they do not believe the Redskins should change the team's name. Washington owner Dan Snyder will probably make a pamphlet with that information in it by the end of the week.


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    The Ravens are my absolutely least favorite team. I would root for any team playing them as long as there weren't repercussions for the Steelers.

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    Dullass Cowboys, based on their America's Team claims and the two Super Bowls in the 70's, when they cried that they were the better team, even as they lost both of them. Worst Steeler loss ever for me was the SB in the 90's.

    There are plenty of dishonorable mentions ... Oakland, Baltimore, and the Cheats are there.

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    Don't care for the Patriots. I, too, believe they cheated during the AFCCG in Ben's rookie year. I feel they are a product of luck(the tuck), cheating, a piss poor division and being a lovechild of ESPN. Belichick, while intelligent, is a douche and Brady has always been a tool. Don't care for the people in those parts of the country either.


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