I know the myth continues around here that DL is old and can't adjust to the modern NFL, but I think nothing is further from the case based on what I've been noticing.

I still haven't gone back and watched the game, but it seemed like we had 6 DBs on the field the entire game against the Ravens. It seems like Troy has effectively replaced Williams and is being used as our 4th LB. Troy and Timmons were lined up all over the place. I had a hard time figuring out where they were on quite a few plays from the stands. And it also seems like we hardly use McClendon and just have Keisel/Heyward as our DLine.

There's all of a sudden this really fast D on the field. All the DBs on the field are making it difficult to pass against us. And surprisingly, Ray Rice didn't have room to run even though we had a dime personnel on the field almost the entire game.

I'm not even sure what to call this package? It's like a hybrid of dime/nickle that has become our base defense. Maybe we were doing it because of the offensive matchups? But it really does look like we've got the best 11 players on the field together for the majority of snaps. And it seems like a lot of guys are being used a little different than traditional like Troy, Timmons, Shark and Keisel and Heyward are being used a little to try and create pressure.

I think Lebeau has really tried to adjust the D since the bye week. He's effectively replaced McClendon/Williams with Shark/Troy and is keeping Tez/Gay on the field for nearly every snap. Looks completely different to me.