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Needless to say this is another big game this week. TS have not done well there the past few trips. Ben seems to have problems out there. Win this game--- sure--- they are back in the hunt.
I heard Charlie Batch on the local radio in Pittsburgh talking about how the Steelers are bad when they go on long road trips because of the travel schedule. I didn't catch all of what he was saying, but something along the lines of us being 1-7 on road trips like Oakland because we travel last minute. He was saying how he and a lot of guys would struggle with a weird schedule of getting in late and then having late night meetings where everyone seemed tired.

The guys on the radio were saying if your backup QB who's not playing is worn out, they can only imagine how the guys playing are doing. They were saying Tomlin needs to fix our travel schedule on road games and change something up. Again, I didn't catch everything, but by the sounds of it, I wouldn't be surprised if the media doesn't latch on to this and bring it up at some point this week.