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Thread: With all respect - are the coach haters feeling differently after these past two game

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    Quote Originally Posted by SidSmythe View Post
    Pouncey is overrated. I know that term is over used but is he really an "All Pro"??? I just don't see it ...... Todd Haley still sucks IMO.
    He had a great rookie season. Since then he has been all name and no production and just getting bull rushed.

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    Hey Roger...
    How about props for Bicknell who inserted Guy Whimper as the final piece of the OL puzzle yesterday?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn View Post
    I'm not feeling any different about LeBeau. I believe his time has come to step down. I'm a bit less angry with Tomlin and Haley. I'm willing to now let the season play out before I take another stance on either. But, IMO both are still on the hot's just a little less hot.
    I was actually thinking the exact opposite while at the game Sunday re: DL and TH. Steelers make tackles and DL's system works. It's personnel. 100%. I think people that want change want us to be more aggressive and I get that, but I'm not convinced that would work with our personnel. We still have to make tackles. And going aggressive might just put us in a worse position to give up more big plays and I dunno if we'd get enough turnovers to make up for it.

    Re: TH, our RZ play calling is still subpar. Our runs and passes are predictable. And he still seems unwilling to allow Ben to move the pocket to make plays. TH is so dead set on getting rid of the ball quickly and I do get how that should help, but I'm not sure if it jives completely with Ben's strengths. It really still feels like there's a struggle between what Haley wants to do and what Ben can do and I'm not sure they're the perfect fit together.

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    Haley I'm liking more, DL I'm hating more

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk View Post
    Actually, there has been an upgrade in the run game with the ABSENCE of Pouncey!
    The running game was horrible until we added Bell, Beachum and Whimper.

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    I liked a lot of what Haley did against the Ravens. The wildcat was an interesting wrinkle that clearly caught them off guard. I've gone from being staunchly in the "fire Haley" camp to lukewarm on Haley - I'll reserve judgment until the end of the season.

    My big concern with Tomlin was that he never brought the team out of a tailspin. At the end of last year and a few years ago when he was unleashing hell, when the team would hit a rough patch, he would be unable to reverse the trend. For two games at least, he has reversed the trend. Will be interesting to see if he has the team ready to play in Oakland this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    I would agree about Haley but I thought the playcalling yesterday was much better. LeBeau is past his "sell by date."

    Tomlin is not on the hotseat. He will be here at least another 4-5 years.
    During our "win streak" we are averaging 19-11 and the "offense" gets the love.

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    Nope. Coaches have performance standards just like players. If they turn it around...Then they get credit. Have the last two weeks look to be headed in the right direction? Yes...So credit to them. However...If they lose to the Raiders...Everything over the last two weeks is erased. That is the reality of the whole situation.
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    It's not uncommon to see scores like 51-48, 45-41, or 39-33 in the NFL these days.

    LeBeau's defense gives up all of ONE TOUCHDOWN thus far in October, and he's past his sell by date. Gotta love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk View Post
    Actually, there has been an upgrade in the run game with the ABSENCE of Pouncey!
    and the addition of an actual running back.

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