Who would think Steeler fans would be dancing in the streets happy after a 2-4 start? But, I believe there is an air of optimism in Pittsburgh...for good reason. Just a few observations.

1) Moye could have solidified his place in the future plans of this offense if he could have made that TD grab. But, his heart showed up on that huge 17 yard catch...getting flipped on his head...hanging onto the ball. This is what I seen in the preseason that made me so high on this kid. I love the way he goes after the ball and yardage. It screams a love for the game that is so desperately needed on this squad.

2) Le'Veon Bell is a freak. While I know it was only one game, he showed most Steeler fans all we need to see in order to make an evaluation of his future in the Burgh. He made lemonade out of lemons all day...scratching and clawing his way to 90+ yards running against a stout run D. He has done it his entire career...running well behind questionable OL. Glad he finally showed BnG fans what he is capable of doing.

3) Ben is looking more like Ben. He still isn't quite as sharp, but he didn't turn the ball over and even pulled the ball up to run for a big first.

4) Haley is looking less and less clueless. Say all you want about Haley, but he adjusted and he was creative. Arians would have continued trying to stick that square peg into a round hole.

5) The Wildcat-I love the way Bell runs from under center. It was cool seeing that.

6) Troy P is healthy still? Feels like an episode of the Fringe. He is playing well.

7) Our patchwork OL is better without Adams and Gilbert. I think Gilbert may lose his job. And I feel ashamed that I almost wanted to give Adams another chance to prove himself this offseason.

Thomas is a player. I love his field presence. He has that IT factor that I love to see in Steeler safeties.

9) I have underestimated Sanders speed. He looked like Teddy Ginn on that return...pulling away from people.

10) Who else wants to see Cam Heyward play some fullback? Dude, looks like he can tote the rock...just like dad.

11) Le'Veon Bell, Felix Jones and Venric Mark (Northwestern) would be a sweet sweet trio next season.

12) The Steelers are not out of this thing yet. Unreal. Pulling for the Steelers to make history. I would assume no team has made playoffs let alone a SB after an 0-4 start.