I'm trying to remember the last time the D had a game winning stop? 2008 vs Dallas?

Maybe we've had a few since then but it damn sure seems like when we need our D to hold in the 4th quarter they haven't been able to execute. D played well and this doesn't excuse the O for the RZ failures but dammit... I want to see our D go 3 and out or get a key stop with less than 5 minutes to go.

You know it's bad when I felt a little relief right after Sanders stepped out.. my first thought was "well, at least this gives us time to burn clock"

It shouldn't be like that but right now I still don't trust our D to get a key stop when we need it.

Don't get me wrong... they held the Ravens to 3 multiple times but man, that last drive they had a chance to wrap it up and came up short.